About us

BCK SURE CO., LTD. is a distributor of Eco-Showerlet (Tokyo Sukkiri). Our product is innovated and is designed for everyone by focusing on being cleaned and being comfortable also materials are Antibacterial and Antifungal.

Moreover, the product is suitable for Thais and others who do not have time to concern about hygienic practice, it can serve you.
Ultimately, the product can reduce Global Warming because of being unused electricity and be able to decrease using toilet paper and to save water.

Company name :BCK SURE CO.,LTD.

Address : 116/14 Nonthaburi Rd., Thasai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand

Hotline : +66-63-665-9199
Tel : +66-2-147-0895


We would like to present our product which can serve your hygienic practice, clean, comfortable every time.

We focus on taking care of customers from decision making to after sales service for giving the trust to you.


To create a world to be livable.
To concentrate environmentally.
To innovate continuously.
To be easily used and modern design.
To match with customer needs.

Executive Message

Nowadays, users are concerned about health increasingly. Therefore, we realize the product that can serve customers for being good hygienic including reducing Global Warming significantly. Tokyo Sukkiri is one of the best products to provide customer trust. In addition, after sales service in term of maintenance service, spare parts with the quality for customer satisfaction mainly.