Automated Injection Toilet Seats

(Tokyo Sukkiri) our product is innovated and is designed for everyone by focusing on being cleaned and being comfortable also materials are Antibacterial and Antifungal.
Moreover, the product is suitable for Thais and others who do not have time to concern about hygienic practice, it can serve you.
Ultimately, the product can reduce Global Warming because of being unused electricity and be able to decrease using toilet paper and to save water.

Remarkable product (Tokyo Sukkiri) as below

1. Modern design, Easy use, Saving water by using 2 nozzles (Assist to reduce being wet and dirty on the floor).
2. Soft Drop Lid and Seat with the special device.
3. Save and Safe because of the non-electric device and the materials are Antibacterial and Antifungal.
4. Easy Installation, Saving Water, Having Filter for Water Filtration, Durable Product and Taking care easily.
5. Spraying precisely the point and Cleaning clearly.
6. Service Center is able to serve you till product life in term of providing spare parts with the professional team and Product Warranty.
BCK SURE CO., LTD. strongly believes that Tokyo Sukkiri is the best optional product and it can be upgrading your buildings to be certified the standard ISO:9001,ISO:9004,ISO:14000.

Automated Injection Toilet Seats, they are good, aren’t they?

– The rate of use of Automated Injection Toilet Seats in Japan = 73.5% (MIAC),
*Digital camera 76.5%, DVD players 75.3%.

– Sold out, more than 56,000,000 pieces in Japan 100.01%/households.

– Being Installed Automated Injection Toilet Seat 500,000 pieces.

– It is popular among celebrities for Automated Injection Seats from Japan